Real Estate Professionals


Working in Real Estate requires agents to meet strangers in isolated locations at random hours.  This setting can be dangerous and inviting to potential attackers. The real estate and rental and leasing industries reported 85 work-related deaths in 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The best way to protect yourself?  Let STACT teach your agents self-defense and situational awareness.   

Studies show that 80 percent of women who fought back in an attack situation have gotten away.  The ability to fight back is very powerful. STACT teaches real estate agents how to protect themselves in a variety of situations, such as small confined spaces, inside an automobile, and in low light conditions.  STACT will teach agents self-defense techniques to disable an attacker to escape or completely incapacitate an attacker when the threat level warrants.  STACT can teach agents to use everyday objects as weapons to ensure their safety.  Situational awareness is just as important.   STACT will teach methods to ensure agents are keenly aware of their surroundings, to locate escape routes and be suspect of situations that are out of the ordinary.