About Us

Our world is becoming ever more violent and we all have a need for self-protection.  STACT was developed to help keep you safe.  We teach a personalized curriculum based on the findings of our interview with you. It is a hands-on approach with drills, techniques, and principles.  Our manner of instruction ensures the skills you learn with us will last once we are gone.  No need to travel, we will come to your location and teach where you need us.  We teach in office spaces, gymnasiums, cafeterias, hotels, conference rooms, and even on airplanes.

Mission Statement

We are a threat management services company that serves our clients by augmenting and elevating their abilities to defend themselves and those around them from physical attack.

Vision Statement

At STACT we strive to create safer lives for the clients and communities we serve.  Life is precious, so our pursuit of safety will be relentless and unfaltering.

Our Goals

Simply put: good guys win, bad guys lose.

Hey! Just relax. We are here to help!


  • Chris Robinson


    Chris Robinson has studied and taught martial arts for over 30 years and is founder and Chief Instructor for STACT. He has brought together his skills and knowledge of Ninjutsu from Japan, Hoshinjutsu from the US, Systema from Russian Special Forces, Krav Maga from Israeli tactical defense system to the formidable art of Silat from Indonesia. He has formed a direct and comprehensive program that derives techniques and principles from these great arts. Chris has enjoyed teaching a wide range of students from soldiers ready to deploy, law enforcement facing new challenges, personal security specialist and business threat management professionals.